Former CIA director denies involvement in leaks of Russia reports


In his first interview since leaving office, former CIA director John Brennan says he had nothing to do with the leaks of national security information to the media.

(CBS) – Former CIA director John Brennan says anyone who thinks he had anything to do with leaks of national security information to the media is “dead wrong.”

Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation in his first interview since leaving office, Brennan said, “I certainly welcome that investigation to stop those leaks because they shouldn’t be taking place and anybody who thinks I’m responsible for that is dead wrong.”

Brennan also criticized President Trump and the administration over reports that the White House had asked the FBI to dispute a recent New York Times story indicating regular contacts between senior Russian intelligence agents and members of Trump’s team during the 2016 presidential campaign.

On Saturday, The Washington Post reported the Trump administration tried to enlist intelligence officials and lawmakers to rebut the stories on Russian contacts.

“The White House needs to understand that the interaction with the FBI on criminal investigations is really something that they need to steer clear of,” Brennan said.

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