Amnesty slams Trump’s “poisonous” rhetoric


Amnesty International releases its annual report for 2016/2017, and says U.S. President Donald Trump’s “poisonous” rhetoric has created an increasingly divisive politics in 2016 that had made the world a “darker” place.

PARIS, FRANCE / BARTELLA, EAST OF MOSUL, IRAQ (Reuters) – Amnesty International said on Wednesday (February 22) U.S. President Donald Trump’s “poisonous” rhetoric on his way to winning the White House led a global trend towards increasingly divisive politics in 2016 that had made the world a “darker” place.

In its annual report covering 159 countries, the human rights group said principles of human dignity and equality had come under assault from politicians seeking election and it zeroed in on Trump, who took office on January 20.

In its statement, Amnesty said “Donald Trump’s poisonous campaign rhetoric exemplifies a global trend towards angrier and more divisive politics.” The world, it said, had become a “darker … unstable place.”

The report also pointed out the “failure of states attending September’s 2016 United Nations summit for refugees and migrants to agree any adequate response to the global refugee crisis.”

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