China casts an even wider net on internet censorship

Some of China’s most creative minds fear they’re next as China’s internet crackdown widens. Joel Labi reports.

CHINA (Reuters) – China’s sweeping internet crackdown has a new target in its sights, and it’s making the likes of filmmakers and bloggers nervous.

An Industry association circulating new guidelines; warning auditors are pouring over everything from movies, to documentaries and even sports material,

making sure it all sticks to what it calls “core socialist values”.

Any mention of drug addiction, homosexuality or even obvious displays of affection are likely to draw the ire of Beijing.

These tighter rules will impact sites great and small, from social media giant Weibo, to niche, buzzing online communities.

Censorship in China is nothing new and under President Xi, it’s even easier to offend.

Gossip websites have recently been taken down, and online streaming suspended, all on the grounds of inappropriate content.

Many in the arts scene feel it could spell the end of creativity but are quick to point out, these new rules might be impossible to enforce.

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