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GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson criticises media

(REUTERS) – Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was on the defensive during a news conference in Florida on Friday night.

An article published earlier in the day called into question his account of being offered a scholarship to Westpoint Military Academy.

Carson took a combative tone while discussing the incident saying the media would stop at nothing to uncover dirt.


“They have been talking to everybody I’ve ever known everybody I’ve ever seen. There’s got to be a scandal there’s got to be some nurse he’s had an affair with, there’s got to be something, they are getting desperate, so next week it will be my kindergarten teacher said I peed in my pants. I mean it’s just ridiculous.”

Carson said his supporters would see through the “subterfuge”… after the speech, supporters seemed to corroborate that.


“I know that people can dig up stuff and try to make it worse than it is but I won’t judge anybody based on that, I listen to the facts and make my decision based on that.”

Carson’s account of how he attempted to stab a friend in his troubled youth also came under renewed scrutiny on Friday.

Carson is currently tied with Donald Trump in the polls.


Trump under fire for not correcting man who called Obama a Muslim

The White House and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are condemning Republican candidate Donald Trump for failing to correct a supporter who incorrectly called President Obama a Muslim, while fellow Republican candidate Ben Carson is more reserved in his reaction.

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Trump spars with Bush, Fiorina, at contentious Republican debate

Republican front-runner Donald Trump spars with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, former business executive Carly Fiorina and other presidential candidates in a debate.

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Republican presidential hopefuls Trump, Cruz and Bush appear on a talk show hosted by Sarah Palin

Donald Trump talks about his showdown with a Univision reporter, Ted Cruz lashes out at Planned Parenthood and the Obama administration’s Iran policy and Jeb Bush chides Hillary Clinton over emails as all three Republican presidential hopefuls appear on a talk show hosted by Sarah Palin.

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Obama on Trump: “Outrageous attacks have become far too commonplace”

(EBC) – United States President Barack Obama on Monday criticised comments by Republican candidate Donald Trump about war veteran John McCain, saying presidential debates deserve better than that.
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Defiant Trump unapologetic over McCain remarks

(NVO) – U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is causing controversy — again.

This time, over his remarks about Vietnam war veteran and U.S. Senator John McCain.
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